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Jars of Clay 'Surprise' Music Video by I-40 FILMS

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7 year old Connie Talbot sings Smile written by Charlie Chaplin

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What a voice!!!! To hear a 7 year old sing that old song. By the way one of my favourite songs... written by one of the greates genious of the last century, Charlie Chaplin. And the 7

If possible - July 22, 2010

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If possible – July 22, 2010 My children I warned you beforehand, that if it were possible, the elect would be deceived. Do not be deceived, many will be deceived. Be on the alert, nyheter
Nov 17, 2014

New Leadership for CROSS.TV

New Leadership for CROSS.TV

Hello dear friends of CROSS.TV and beyond!  After much consideration and prayer, we have decided to | mer

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