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Sanctuary Worship

Sanctuary Worship

FrazerUMCFrazer's weekly Traditional Service as seen at 6000 Atlanta Highway

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Everlasting Father

293 Visningar

Mighty God

26 Visningar

Wonderful Counselor

181 Visningar

Are All Things...Good?

465 Visningar


689 Visningar

The Joy of Giving

411 Visningar

Let's Study The Passage

553 Visningar

The Bible Changes Us

497 Visningar

Building My Life on the Bible

205 Visningar

Grow Up

274 Visningar

Hunger and Thirst

176 Visningar

Blessed Are The Meek

203 Visningar

Unexpected Blessings

208 Visningar

Frazer Sanctuary Service 8/05/18

1,067 Visningar

Happy and Blessed

291 Visningar

Intercede For Everyone Always

228 Visningar

The Most Excellent Way

202 Visningar


13 Visningar

Everybody Always - Week 1

258 Visningar

Sidaof 9
1 - 35 av 295 videos