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Missions Minded Media|United States

Meditate today on something that will constantly remind you about God and his will for you. lLife is a really good at distracting people from His plan. So we need to counteract the world with the truth. find a bracelet that reminds you to think about Him. A rock in your pocket, a smile, a child, anything that reminds you personally to point your attentions to the most important thing. The great I AM and his son Jesus Christ.

Visit us at www.MissionsMindedMedia.com

Our Twitter Account is MissionsMinded1

Until we figure out this new account please message us, which we do get, or feel free to contact us at info@MissionsMindedMedia.com

Hope Outreach Ministry

Dear Sir I hwould be greatful to you if you can pray for us, especially rental fees by the month of next. Thank you for your kindness in prayer.

Hope Outreach Ministry

Dear Sir Longtime you do write us any more. Please write us and share your ministry to Myanmar for reaching the lost souls.

Missions Minded Media is now a contact of christ007

Missions Minded Media is now a contact of pini

Hope Outreach Ministry

Please upholds in your prayer for Hope Children Home renting in Myanmar.

Missions Minded Media is now a contact of †danny†

Missions Minded Media is now a contact of SANDRA-LY

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